Fabric shops in Copenhagen | A mini guide

Fabric Shops Copenhagen

Don’t know about you, but I have a little ritual of visiting at least one fabric shop when I’m on holiday abroad and buying even just one little remnant. Though usually it’s actually much much more, woe betide my luggage allowance!

I might have mentioned that all my Romanian family now live in Copenhagen (don’t ask, it’s a long story), so it’s not exactly a holiday destination anymore. I usually see the airport, the suburb where my sister lives, and then the airport again. Would you believe that in over 20 visits, I have not been to any fabric shops in Copenhagen?!? However, a few weeks ago I got a treat: my mum and auntie took me fabric shopping, as a belated birthday present. So I got to see the inside of the local fabric stores, took back a nice little haul and now I am going to share my impressions with you in this mini guide.

Copenhagen is not a big city, so I wasn’t expecting loads of option for fabric shops, but there are quite a few of them, both in the centre and in the suburbs. Unfortunately, I did not get to be too choosy and go looking for the independent shops, because it was Saturday and they closed early, but also because I didn’t want to drag my mum and auntie all across the city. So we ended up visiting only two, both of them chains, but to be fair, not sure how much more fabric I could have stuffed in my carry on luggage.

Stoff 2000 Spinderiet Valby

Fabric shopping in Copenhagen Stoff 2000 Valby

First store I went to was Stoff 2000 in Valby, which is situated in a nice shopping area, Spinderiet, with a few nice cafes if you get tired of all that shopping.

The shop is not very big, and there is not a lot of choice, but they really do cover pretty much all sewing, knitting and crochet needs. They sell haberdashery, yarn, tools, sewing machines, patterns threads and craft supplies.

Fabric shopping in Copenhagen Stoff 2000 Valby

Fabric shopping in Copenhagen Stoff 2000 Valby

They have a good tools selection, both Prym and some better value unbranded options. I also like the haberdashery section, especially the elastics, with pre-packed lengths that were very good value. I got some 5cm elastic that’s a bit harder to get in the UK.

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Fabric shopping in Copenhagen Stoff 2000 Valby

Fabric shopping in Copenhagen Stoff 2000 Valby

In terms of fabrics, I wasn’t particularly blown away. The rolls are spread out all over the shop, so you have to go round to see it all and there is not clear rule to how it’s organised. The selection is not massive and I found that they were missing some categorised. For example, I was looking for medium to heavy crepe, but only saw some lightweight chiffon. However, the stripey jersey was on sale – such serendipity! I spent most of my time there choosing which one of the offered options I want the most. I ended up buying 1.5m of a really nice off-white and navy striped French terry, which I am really in love with! There were some other good choices on jersey, but I did not want to take advantage of my mum’s generous offer. There is a remnant basket – one of my favourite things to do in a fabric shop is to dig through them – that had a few bits at really good prices, but nothing to write home about.

Fabric shopping Copenhagen-8.jpg

My favourite thing that I got there was not fabric, surprisingly, but 2 rolls of tracing paper. In my post about tracing Burda patterns, someone mentioned that you can get such paper in Holland, but I never saw it in the UK. I usually use baking paper, but it’s only 40 cm wide, which is not enough for bigger pattern pieces. So I got two rolls – boy, was it fun taking them back on the plane! I am now looking forward to my next Burda magazine project, just so I can try it out!

Overall, I would say this shop is not necessarily a destination, but you can make a quick stop if you are in Valby. There is a very similar one in central Copenhagen in Vesterbro – I had been there before and they sell pretty much exactly the same things. Plus you might find a shop assistant that speaks more English, I did struggle a bit with the lady in Valby.

Johanna from Last Stitch also reviewed fabric stores in Copenhagen and she said there is a much bigger one in Nørrebro, so I will have to visit it next time and report back.


Address: Spinderigade 6, 2500 Valby, Denmark


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Monday 10am–7pm
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Friday 10am–7pm
Saturday 10am–4pm
Sunday Closed

Stoff & Still Vesterbro

Fabric shopping in Copenhagen STOFF & STILL VESTERBRO

This is probably the number one fabric shop in Copenhagen and it really is worth going out of your way to visit. Again, I had been before and I knew I would love it! Now that we have the UK online store as well, most people will know what they are about, but still, I prefer going to see the fabric in person, and I love mooching about the store, even if I don’t end up buying loads of stuff.

As an aside, when we went to the store, we inadvertently ended up in the middle of Copenhagen Pride Parade, it was going on right in front of the store, so obviously Stoff & Still embraced it in its own way.

So, about the store…. It’s big! Think John Lewis on Oxford St. big! They have pretty much all you can want for sewing, crochet, knitting and cross stitch.

Fabric shopping in Copenhagen STOFF & STILL VESTERBRO

The fabric is organised by type and also by colours within the types. They have a really good selection of all types and some really lovely prints if you’re into this sort of thing. But you can get some decent basics as well. The prices are definitely not ultra cheap, especially because of the drop of the pound against the Danish crown.

Fabric shopping Copenhagen-13

Fabric shopping Copenhagen-14

Fabric shopping in Copenhagen STOFF & STILL VESTERBRO

I like this store because it’s well organised and quite easy to navigate, and also they have a solid offering. If you have visited their UK website, pretty much everything they are offering there can be found in the store, with the added advantage of touching the fabric and being able to buy then and there plus a really helpful staff that spoke English very well.

I had been here before in April last year, when I went looking for fabric to make my sister’s dress, and I remember loving the pattern section. I wanted to buy so many of them, but of course, they were all in Danish. This time, I had a good browse and made notes of what I liked, so I can order them online in English from the UK.

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Fabric shopping Copenhagen-11

As I mentioned, I do love a good remnant bin. Because Stoff & Still are a notch above, all their remnants are labelled with the yardage and composition, so it really takes the guessing out. All the fabric I ended up getting were remnants, and very good value too. Again, I was quite restrained, with only 3 pieces: a navy stretch twill for trousers, a stretchy navy and white abstract print viscose and a large polka dot jersey, which is screaming sweatshirt for some reason, but might be a bit too thin for that. Still debating what it’s going to be in the end.

Fabric shopping in Copenhagen STOFF & STILL VESTERBRO

I did have a look at the rolls as well; I was looking for some Scandi inspiration for my Sahara dress, from Ralph Pink Patterns. I wanted a medium weight drapey fabric that had some sort of pattern, but not florals, some abstract neutral that would not get my print phobia activated too badly. I did see something that I loved, but it seemed rather pricey when I did the conversion in my head, and I didn’t want to break my mum’s piggy bank – the patterns needs 2.5m. I saw it on their website and I might end up ordering it, I adored the hand of it and I still haven’t found any other better option for the Sahara.

Overall, I really loved Stoff & Still in Copenhagen, and I will definitely make time to visit again when I’m back in November. In the meantime, I will try to stop myself from indulging too much on their UK website!


Address: Vesterbrogade 20, 1620 København V, Denmark


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Fabric haul

Fabric shopping Copenhagen-19



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  1. gilliancrafts
    4 September 2017 / 2:42 PM

    I enjoyed reading your tour! One of my good friends was in Copenhagen visiting family over the summer, and while I read your post, I enjoyed pretending that I’d met up with her and gone fabric shopping too! 😉

    • Alex
      4 September 2017 / 7:18 PM

      Thank you! I know you’re far away, but if you get a chance, Copenhagen is lovely, and not just for the fabric shopping ;).

  2. PsychicSewerKathleen
    4 September 2017 / 2:54 PM

    I always visit the fabric/sewing shops whenever I’m visiting a new town! I love to do that – especially the smaller shops. It’s a great way to get to know the town a bit, chat with locals and bring home a souvenir I’m excited about! I envied you in Copenhagen in Stoff & Still! I’ve read so much online re the quality of their fabric! I don’t have the option to shop with them here in Canada and they don’t ship here either 🙂 For tracing out patterns I used the Bridal Runer – it’s the disposable runway that brides put down for their walk down the aisle I believe? It’s LONG, wide, see-through, robust AND inexpensive 🙂

    • Alex
      4 September 2017 / 7:17 PM

      Thanks for the tip, Kathleen! I’ll look that up. Stoff & Still is so cool, and I love their website too, really nice fabric and quite a lot of organic cotton. There are other shops I’m also planning to visit, and I’ll report back. And maybe they will start delivering to Canada too, or open an online store there.

  3. 4 September 2017 / 8:57 PM

    Do I like fabric shopping when abroad??!! I most certainly do! In fact, if at all possible and if I can get fellow travellers out of the way I try to research fabric shops in advance and make a proper trip of it. For me, London is my fabric Mecca, so when I go there I make sure I have enough luggage allowance.

  4. 5 September 2017 / 12:11 AM

    I really enjoyed reading about your visit to Stoff & Stil. I had a couple of days in Copenhagen at the end of a cruise in July but as I was trying to see as much of the city as possible and was with my daughter I knew I wouldn’t have time for fabric shopping, plus there is the luggage allowance issue (I live in Australia). On our last day there we were relaxing in our Vesterbro hotel room at about 5.30pm after a big day of sightseeing when I looked out the window and saw Stoff & Stil across the road! I raced over and had just enough time to do one round of the store and buy a lovely white, blue and green light floral cotton which will be great for a summer dress (they close at 6). I agree 100% with your review, it’s a great fabric store and the staff are lovely. I’m looking forward to making up my Copenhagen souvenir dress!

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