10 ideas to style a navy-based capsule wardrobe | Me-Made-May 2018

10 ideas to style a navy-based capsule wardrobe | Me-Made-May 2018 Me-Made-May seems such a long time away now, but I still owed you pictures of the second part of my DIY 10×10 challenge. Me-May-Made is an annual challenged in the maker community when we pledge to wear our hand-made wardrobe more than we usually do, be it one item each day or entirely hand-made throughout the month. My personal challenge this year was inspired by the Style Bee 10×10 Challenges, where you need to choose 10 items to be styled into 10 outfits over 10 days. So I decided to put together 3 capsules in May, which consisted of at least 70% hand-made, and style them into different outfits, each containing at least one handmade item each day. I was partially successful in my challenge, and I achieved two of the there capsules. I continued to wear all handmade for the remaining 10 days, I just could not figure out a theme to build a capsule around it with my remaining hand-made items.

You have already seen my Black/White/Red one, and here is the navy-based one now. You can check out the details on my chosen items in this post.

To give you a bit of context, this capsule was worn during a period of heavy travelling for work, so I had a lot of situations to cater for, as well as different weather in the UK and Denmark. The curveball was that I ended up going to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, so I was a bit worried that I will not be dressed up enough amongst all the fashionistas. Everybody who was anybody was wearing H&M conscious collection, but I did feel very smug saying I made my clothes when people complimented my outfit!

Day 1

I was travelling to Copenhagen, so I needed something a bit casual for the plane trip. I had my trenchcoat on, which was not included in my 10 items, but it was boiling hot in Denmark, so I was really wishing for a pair of shorts, to be honest!


I’m wearing: DIY navy sleeveless flounce blouse Butterick 5464, RTW skinny trousers (old), suede navy flats

Verdict: This is one of my summers casual go-to combinations, and I wear it quite often during the warmer season. It really wasn’t a stretch in terms of creativity, but it did the trick for the requirements of the day. Solid!

Day 2

On my second day, I was attending a working group session, so I wanted to look a bit polished, but again, quite comfortable, as I would be sat in a meeting room with AC the entire day.


I’m wearing: Navy RTW blazer (old), DIY self-drafted taffeta sleeveless blouse,  RTW skinny trousers, navy suede flats.

Verdict: Another much-loved and much-worn combination. I’m so glad I took the time to sort out the small repair this blouse needed for a while and it came out of the mend pile and back into the wardrobe. Solid!

Day 3

First day at the Fashion Summit… I was really apprehensive about what to expect, but I think I was toeing the line between fashionistas and sustainability folk, who are a bit more relaxed on the wardrobe front.


I’m wearing: DIY self-drafted taffeta sleeveless blouse, obi pewter belt (old), RTW high waisted trousers (old), pewter kitten heel shoes

Verdict: I have worn the obi belt with this top before, but not with these high-waisted trousers. But I absolutely love the combination! I also am really keen on kitten heels lately, such a great way to look put together without killing your feet. I’ve had these shoes for at least 10 years and they just keep on giving.

Day 4

The second day at the summit I was much more relaxed. Plus I had to travel back on the plane in the evening and I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. Enter my favourite pink culottes!

I’m wearing: RTW navy blazer, DIY flounce sleeveless blouse, DIY pink culottes, navy faux suede flats

Verdict: This is a combo I came up with last year during Me-Made-May and fell in love with it. This was also the inspiration for the capsule, as I love how a neutral like the navy works with something so bright. Needless to say: love!

Day 5

Back in the UK, back in the office. The weather was a bit nippy, so I wore my blazer as well under my trench coat.

I’m wearing: RTW navy blazer, DIY Burda style triangle blouse, skinny white belt, high-waisted trousers, cork sole sandals

Verdict: I have been wearing all year to wear my cork sole sandals with these trousers! It’s one of my favourite combinations, it creates such a lovely, elongated silhouette that makes my legs look a mile long! I also like the white belt underlining the waistline, making me look even thinner! I mean, what’s not to love, right?

Day 6

Casual Friday in the office!

I’m wearing: DIY Burda Style kimono sleeve dress, red elasticated belt, block heel suede sandals, crochet earrings from V&A Museum.

Verdict: I can’t help loving this dress, in spite of its flaws. It really is the perfect summer outfit for when it’s hot and muggy. It just feels so lovely and cool against the skin. I also love these sandals that I don’t wear near enough, but how well do they go with the navy stripes? Heart eyes!

Day 7

Going to support my friend Kate from Time to Sew who was speaking at Style Yourself Sustainable event. I forgot to take a picture in the ”studio”, so here’s a quick peek from Instagram.

I’m wearing: DIY Burda Style ribbed cardigan, Sleeveless flounce blouse, pink culottes, navy faux suede flats.

Verdict: This is a more casual version of Day 4 and that’s why it gets worn even more often. I could wear those pink culottes every day, so very happy with this outfit too!

Day 8

A night out for drinks with friends, a little bit dressy, a little bit casual.

I’m wearing: DIY Hot Patterns Urban Gypsy blouse in navy taffeta, RTW beige skinny jeans, faux suede navy flats

Verdict: This blouse was meant to be a dress for a wedding, but I thought it was too long and cut off too much, so it ended up as a tunic. However, so many great details make it a nice dressy going out top, especially because of the off the shoulder style. Again, a combination I wore many times before. Solid!

Day 9

More tame office outfits!

I’m wearing: Burda Style Ribbed Cardigan, flounce sleeveless blouse, RTW skinny trousers, navy faux-suede flats

Verdict: Ok, it’s a bit boring, but I really was scrapping the bottom of the barrel by day 9! It’s perfectly serviceable, but not very exciting. But then, who needs exciting in the office?

Day 10

And the last one, running out of ideas, plus it was a very hot day and I wanted something breezy.

I’m wearing: RTW blazer, stripey kimono sleeve dress, cork sole sandals

Verdict: I think this might be a bit too casual for the office, and also a bit cold, as the AC gets cranked up to 16 degrees as soon as there are about three rays of sunshine outside! But I do like the combination. Maybe more for a Sunday lunch (ok, in a posh pub), than the office.

Whew, you got to the end!

As an overall conclusion, this was not a very brave collection. And I can live with that. There were very few new to me combinations, but a good set of solid options that are already part of my wardrobe vocabulary. Navy is clearly a staple base colour for me and I am sure I will enjoy wearing it in all seasons.





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