Sustainable Wardrobe Lockdown Bingo

Was it light-hearted frivolity you asked for? Well, this is exactly what I’m delivering in this post. I mean, the title contains the word ‘bingo’…

Though old habits are hard to shake so I had to put some grated courgette in the chocolate cake (you know, the ‘good for you part’ in the ‘too delicious for your own good part’).

So let’s make this bingo game one where the prize is a more thoughtful wardrobe that will be ready to make you feel awesome when we come out at the other end.

Sustainable Wardrobe Lockdown Bingo

Sustainable wardrobe lockdown bingo – The Rules

So how does this work?

Well, like the regular bingo, you need to complete a vertical, a diagonal or a horizontal line to get the prize. What is the prize? Well, it’s the happy, glowing feeling that you did something useful while the world is turning inside out!

But you can treat yourself with an extra gin, if that’s your thing, or a large slice of cake, or anything else that will make you happy.

You can even make it a bit competitive and get your friends involved. And whoever gets all the bingo activities ticked off, they will get treated to a nice meal once the restaurants are open (but make sure you get photo evidence for all the tasks).

What are the tasks?

Style 3 items not worn this year

We all have clothes that are languishing at the back of the wardrobe, so why don’t you take them out and challenge yourself to style them into 3 different outfits. You can try to style them together for an extra challenge (and if they are a different type of item). Don’t forget to take pictures and share them on Instagram. They have to be things that you haven’t worn this year. We’re in April, so that should not be too hard to find some spring clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in ages. The older, more obscure, the better.


You can get some inspiration from my previous style challenges.

Sew a button / fix a hole

I really do hope that you already know how to sew on a button and you’re just procrastinating. So go find that coat with the hanging button (or already in the pocket if you haven’t lost it already). You can also mend a hole in a cardigan or jumper or even socks.

If you need a reminder on button sewing, check this video:


For really invisible mending in jumpers or even tights, use a thread from an old pair of nude tights. It’s nearly invisible. I also mend my socks with woolly nylon, if you have some in your sewing stash.

And here’s a video too:

Have a wardrobe clear-out

If you have a lot of time in your hand, you can go all Marie Condo on your wardrobe and have a nice spring clean. Totally understandable if you don’t (I haven’t got around to doing mine and I’ve been in lockdown for a month!). You can also go about it one piece at a time, for example, the sock drawer, then the chest of drawers, then the one side of the wardrobe and so on. Ot tackle a type of items at a time, like all occasion wear, all shoes, all coats etc. All count, but don’t forget to take before and after pics!

The only tricky bit is that you will have to hold on to your items until the charity shops open, but they will be super glad to have them there. Find a nice space that’s out of the way and be ready to donate them when we’re out of lockdown.


If you want more ideas, check out my post on what to do with the clothes you no longer want here.

Repair an item in your mending pile

Especially if you are a sewer, you are sure to have a pile of things to mend, alter, tweak or update that never seems to shrink. So why don’t you pick up something from that pile and sort it out?

This is also a great time to look into visible mending. Sashiko is turning into a big trend, so why not give it a go. Also, more inspiration on this website.

Inventory your wardrobe

This is a hard one, so give yourself a double bonus if you complete it. I have been trying to slowly track my wardrobe one item at a time from what I wear every day. But I have been meaning since forever to turn my wardrobe upside down on my bed and write them all in my spreadsheet one by one. You can even kill two birds with one stone and have a clear-out at the same time.

People use apps like StyleBook, Closet+ etc, to take pictures and record their wardrobes. I prefer a good old spreadsheet or you can try this method using Airtable.

Refashion something you already have

This is a good opportunity to try your hand at refashioning. Maybe from those items you are ready to part with.

Pinterest is an amazing source for ideas, you can try my board on Refashioning here.

You can also check out my favourite bloggers who are aces at refashioning.

Have a virtual swap party

We’re getting pros at doing virtual this and virtual that, half our lives are happening via Zoom at the moment. So why not have a virtual swap party with your friends? Just put the camera up, go through your closet and put what you are willing to part with up for grabs. Make a note of who got what and be ready to gift the items when you will be able to meet in person again. And don’t forget the quarantinis!


Refresh an item with a dye bath

This is one of my favourite things to do with both fabric I no longer like or it’s not my colour as well as with clothes. I am a massive fan of the Dylon machine wash pods. They have never let me down and the fabric or clothes come out great every time.

This can also be a great opportunity to try your hand at natural dying as well, but I have to say that stovetop dyeing, natural or chemical, never worked for me. My pieces always come out splotchy!

Style one item 3 ways

The last task is also a styling challenge, but with a slightly different slant. Instead of styling 3 items into 3 outfits, what about taking one items (the more obscure, the better) and find 3 different ways to incorporate it into a look. My 3 Ways to Style a skirt, a dress, a crop top and culottes.

These are my challenges and I hope it will provide a bit of fun while in lockdown. If you’re taking part, don’t forget to tag #wardrobelockdownbingo on social media, with your before and afters.





  1. 21 April 2020 / 8:28 PM

    I love this idea, Alex. Fun!

    • sewrendipityalex
      21 April 2020 / 8:45 PM

      Thank you! I now need to start taking my own advice and get some of these things done!! 😬

  2. 27 April 2020 / 3:52 AM

    I have been doing and planning 5 of these things since lockdown! 🙂 Great ideas.

    How about sewing from our stash (that long planned item) and finishing a WIP project?

    • sewrendipityalex
      27 April 2020 / 11:03 AM

      Well done you 😀! I really need to get in gear and do more. I’m actually planning another sheet for sustainable sewing, so I’ll include that and more next. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Liz
    2 May 2020 / 6:01 PM

    Loving this post as always. I like your style it 3 ways challenge. Inspired by you, I’m tracking what I wear so any low value wears I can think how best to incorporate them into an outfit. Looking forward to your next blog post

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