A little bit of Addison


Hey sewing guys and gals, looks like I skipped a week, but back with sewing goodies! I’ve been doing almost nothing other than sewing this weekend, so I will have plenty to entertain you in the following weeks.

Let’s get the show started with a little Addison top from Seamwork Mag. I have been lusting over some of their patterns for a while, but it was Addison that made me take the plunge and actually subscribe (that and the offer they had for Seamwork Radio podcast listeners). If you’re not familiar with it, Seamwork is an online magazine from the team at Colette patterns, which also offers two free patterns to download every month with their subscription. You can always go through the back catalogue and choose any pattern you want, so I chose the new Addison and the Astoria, which I haven’t made yet.

Anyhow, to Addison!


Addison is a dressy tank top, with a very cute pointy flat collar, sleeveless and nice scoop armholes. I loved the collar and the armhole shape and the fact that it was meant to be a quick make (all Seamwork patterns are created to be sewn in 3 hours or less). While it absolutely delivered on the shape, I do have my doubts about those 3 hours, it took me almost all day (admittedly, I messed up the collar and had to unpick a few times).

But I still love it! And I’m sure next time it will take even less!


Pattern: Seamwork Addison, PDF, size 6

Fabric: Even I can’t believe how I managed to squeeze this out of less than 1/2m! This is a lovely viscose from Adam Ross Fabric, that was included in the goodie bag from the Sewing Weekender. I’m not one for prints, but these little boats are quite discreet, so I didn’t mind. It’s lovely and drapey and I just saw it on their website, such good value too, only £4.99/m! I also used a bit of cupro lining left over from my MIL’s jacket. The pattern calls for iron on interfacing, but I didn’t have any lightweight in my stash, so used some sew-in interfacing instead. Feels a bit stiff, but not too noticeable from the outside.


Alterations: I’d say the pattern has quite a lot of ease. I’m a size 10 normally, but I had to go down a few sizes after pinning it all together and trying it on.Even though I cut a size 6, I still took out 1.5 cm out of each side seam. Also, because the length of my fabric, I had to reduce the hem by about 10 cms, but I actually like it much better a bit shorter. It’s decent enough not to flash my midriff, which is always a good thing. I also forgot to do the topstitching, as per the pattern instructions, but will definitely have to do that next time.


If I make it again, which is very likely, I need to sort out some fit issues at the shoulder seam. This time, I only noticed after I put in the collar that the armhole gapes a bit in the back and front, which should be sorted by taking in the shoulder seam a bit.




Construction: The instructions are really clear and easy to follow. I did struggle a bit with the collar, and I ended up overlapping 1 cm instead of the 5/8” they recommended, but I think it worked ok. The pattern has all in one facings, and the instructions recommend using the burrito method. If you haven’t used it before, there is a video on Colette’s Instagram account (thanks Jen for the tip). It sounds a bit mad when you read the instructions, but it all makes sense when you watch the video. I overlocked all the raw edges and used a tiny baby hem to finish the hem.



Verdict: I really like it, though would probably work better with iron on interfacing and the facing made of self-fabric. Or even better, no facings, but using bias binding to finish off the collar (just learned this method in Sara Alm’s course on Collars and Closures).


Have you tried any Seamwork patterns? Anything in particular you’d recommend?

Have a great week, everyone!



  1. Looks great Alex! As if you managed to squeeze it out of that amount of fabric! Very impressive. I too have a little bit of gaping at the armhole and agree there is a lot of ease as I also took the same amount out of the side seams. I really do want to make it again, and you’ve re-inspired me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I did not realise that!! I have never used a Colette pattern before, it never even occurred to me! It makes perfect sense now!! Size 10 was a tent! Thank you so much for pointing that out.


  2. I just made the Florence bra and I must say it is a good soft bra. The fit is nice, especially considering it was my first attempt at making a bra. Plus, Colette provided a useful sew along (tutorial). Last winter, I made Seamworks’ leggings (don’t remember the name of the pattern), but I found they were too tight and much too short. I enlarged them by inserting two long stripes of jersey in the side seams and lenghtened them with a band. Finally they turned out ok and I have worn them a lot for my yoga class.


    1. That’s so brave, tackling bras! None under my belt so far, though I’m a pretty average size, so usually get RTW ones that fit, so not a lot of motivation.


    1. Thank you so much! I must say I am really keen on short, so practical! On the glasses side, note to self, don’t take pics with them on, they reflect like mad!!


  3. Loving this on you, and your new hair-do, you look stunning! I’ve made the Osaka skirt(ok but nit worn very much), the aurora top (worn loads!) and the Oslo cardigan (also worn loads!) 😀


      1. I want to make Astoria. I’ve made the Paxson and Denali for my husband. I’ve had a couple of duds too, the Moji trousers did not suit me at all. I’ve made the Akira and it was a bit ho hum. Oh, I also made the Oslo cardigan, but it got a bit stretched out of shape. Wearable though.

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