An unstructured wool coat |Butterick B6244

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I know I’m being controversial, but I’m close to being fed up with Christmas with 3 weeks to go. Which is why I am a bit in two minds about this project. I do feel a bit Santa Claus-y all wrapped up in this big piece of red wool. And that is definitely not a look I’m going for here. But it was quick and easy to make, it’s fairly warm AND the fabric was from Oxfam, nuff said! Too bad I don’t get to wear it until spring, this is definitely not a winter coat, my friends! 


Anyway, how did we come about this lovely garment anyway? Well, it’s mostly because I’m a wuss, i.e. not really owning up to making a real coat, with lining, interlining, buttons, the works! I have had Clare coat printed and ready to go since it came out. In 2015!! I have had this fabric since February last year, and 5m of real wool take up a lot of freakin’ space!! And I just sat on all of that! Because making coats is hard, because I could not bring myself to start, because it takes a long time and well, my existing winter coat is absolutely fine! So this coat thing was not happening anytime soon and I really really want to start making a dent in my stash. And especially a dent in this particular fabric.


So, I thought I’d start with an easier option. An unstructured coat. I turned to Pinterest, as you do, and started gathering inspiration. And then I started looking for patterns. And settled onto Lisette’s B6244. I really like Lisette patterns, one of my TNT patterns is the Traveller, the designs are really nice and they come together well. Plus there were some nice versions out there that filled me with confidence. So I ordered it and off I went.


Pattern: Lisette Butterick B6244, size 10

Fabric: medium to heavy wool melton cloth, with a lovely felt-like texture, which I got from Oxfam online. In case you didn’t know, they do have a huge online shop and among a lot of other things, they also sell fabric and yarn. Visit the store here.

Alterations: I removed 10 cm from the bottom hem, it felt too long on me. I think I might consider taking a bit of volume from the front, feels a bit too overwhelming.


Construction: The only difficult thing about this coat is the collar. There is a sew-along on the Lisette website, which I do recommend looking at before you attempt the collar. And I would also say to trust the pattern, it will eventually come together. I made the mistake of cutting stuff out as it felt it might be superfluous, but when finishing the flat-felled seam, it turned out you do need those pieces. I now have small triangular shaped little holes at the corners of my collar. Oh well, I’ll know for a potential next time.


The biggest divergence from the instructions was that I left the edges completely unfinished. The fabric does not fray at all, so it wasn’t required. I might go back and test some hemmed finishings, but for now, it stays.


Verdict: We like! But I can’t actually testify to its qualities until I have worn it more than for a photoshoot in the park. Which will have to wait until Spring.

But I’m still a happy camper so long as I get to have fun in the sunshine



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    1. Thank you! It does look like that, but it’s been very cold here lately (for London anyway) and it was definitely not up to keeping me warm enough :). Spring wear it will be!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. No way you look Christmassy wearing it. Red is definitely one of your colours. And courage! Give a coat a go. (Look who is talking I’ve got two coats I started years ago and almost finished them and then stopped. Well one was just finished last week and worn a little already! So worth it.
    And I have seen a Clare coat for real and now I want to make one so bad hope Santa hears me! 😉


  2. Lovely coat , don’t touch it ! Also don’t hem the edges it will make them stiffer and poke out I think . It’s lovely . I have every confidence in your coat making abilities . Just practise the components first . Like making the bound buttonholes and the pockets etc .have fun !! 😄


  3. Just gorgeous and it doesn’t make me think of Christmas or Santa at all! It’s got just the right level of drama and I’m sure you’ll be getting a ton of wear out of it when the weather is right. Now where’s that pattern wishlist of mine, time to make an addition… =)


  4. Looks smashing! I recently made this pattern and added side pockets for warm hands and lined only the sleeves and the back(so it doesn’t hang up in the derriere region). Very wearable piece that receives many compliments. Achievable with not too much time investment! Happy Holidays!


    1. Thank you for the tips! I did think of lining the sleeves and back as well, but couldn’t figure out how to resolve the collar. How did you do it?


  5. I feel your pain when it comes to making a coat. It’s such a huge commitment of your precious sewing time and an expensive project. It took me a year to finally finish it but worth it! your red coat looks fantastic!


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