Things I’ve learnt in February

Things I've learned

Hello sewosphere! Another month of 2016 has elapsed, albeit a shorter one this time. On the plus side, it’s maybe taking us a bit closer to spring, on the downside, I’m not feeling very optimistic with all the negative temperatures we’ve been experiencing since the beginning of March.

Hope you will forgive me for being a bit late with the monthly ‘learnings’ post for February, because of loads on travelling for sewing, family occasions and work. I’m actually writing this from Copenhagen, where I’m visiting my family to celebrate my mum’s birthday (a bit more on that below).

So, without further ado, here are the things I’ve learned in February…

1. Aplastic Anaemia is a deadly disease

On the 27th February, I received the terrible news of Lorna’s passing from a disease I hadn’t even heard of. Aplastic Anaemia is as common as leukemia and just as deadly. Lorna’s family really wanted to raise funds and awareness for the only charity in the UK that works to help the people affected by it and I’m so glad that I could help a little by writing a post which got shared over 1000 times. They smashed the Just Give target and they are currently at 136%. Thank you all to those who contributed!

2. Free motion sewing is amazing!

Joy to Create (2016) #01

Last weekend I was invited to a free motion sewing course at Joy to Create in Hampshire (a proper blog post to follow soon). Now, I am pretty set in my dressmaking ways… I don’t even make cushions!! So I was a bit apprehensive to try something that I felt could not ever be used in my clothes making projects. But boy, was I wrong!! I had such a blast!! It’s incredibly relaxing, different and requiring a completely different side of my brain. Now my only concern is that I’ve opened a whole new world of possibilities and I didn’t have enough time to sew as it was…

3. For more than 3 years, I have been using my zipper foot completely the wrong way

Now, this was a “duh!!! (*smacks forehead*)” moment if I ever saw one!! When spending time with the lovely Joy and Steven from Joy to Create, who are both a sewing studio, fabric and haberdashery shop and a Pfaff and Bernina dealers (so they know those machines inside out), I was complaining about needing to get a new zipper foot with IDT (the pfaff-zipper-foot-with-idt-cat-j_1_mediumintegrated walking foot that all Pfaff sewing machines have above a certain level) for my Select 4.0, because mine has these weird prongs that keep on snagging my fabric. They both laughed and asked me if I’m sure I’m using it the right way round. Of course I was adamant I did, seeing that I had had my machine since July ’13… Steve smiled and asked me if the number of the foot was the right way round and I said of course it was, I’m not dumb… Well, folks, it turned out I was that dumb. The prongs are meant to be towards the back, not the front, so as to accommodate the IDT. Boy, did I ever feel stupid!!! On the plus side, it did save me £16.50 for a new foot that I did not need…  Tell me you’ve also had your ‘duh!’ moments, so I feel a tiny bit less stupid!

4. I missed snow!

I might have mentioned my family lives in Denmark for a few years now (my sis+her family and my mum&dad). I go every few month to get my fill of home-cooked meals and good ol’ mum time, but this time I had an even better reason. It was my mum’s birthday a few days ago and my sister organised a mini cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo for this weekend. So I flew to Copenhagen on Friday morning and came back on Sunday afternoon, with a bit of sail time and Oslo sightseeing sandwiched in between.

Oslo (2016) #01.jpg

It was my first time in Oslo and I absolutely loved it!! I loved the architecture, the feel of the street, the wooden houses, traditional yet very elegant (and very energy efficient, I was told). We also went to see the new ski jump tower on Holmenkollen and caught a glimpse of the Biathlon Word Cup that was just taking place. The fjord was breathtaking and I felt very envious of how green and in touch with nature the Norwegians felt. I also learnt a lot about life in Norway thanks to our amazing guide Margarit. Btw, if you’re ever in Oslo and only have a few hours to see it all, I very warmly recommend HMK bus tours, we had a fantastic experience.

Here is a view of the city from Holmenkollen.

Oslo (2016) #02.jpg

And some pretty good winter scenery pictures…

Oslo (2016) #05Oslo (2016) #06

Clearly one of my highlights was THE SNOW! In Romania, we get loads and loads of snow in the winter and it becomes common place, a nuisance even. But since moving to the UK in 2010, I hadn’t seen proper snow at all. And I missed it! And Oslo was covered in a thick layer of snow, and I got to play in it for a bit, which was just enough to sate my longing, but not too much to get me wet, cold and miserable. A bit of sledge time would not have been amiss though! Here are a few selfies for illustration.

Oslo (2016) #04.jpg

Oslo (2016) #03.jpg


Now, Lady Weather, don’t get me wrong! I had my fill, no need to bring the snow in the UK as well! :))

Have a great week everyone!

Alex xxx



  1. Growing up in Oslo with long dark winters meant a lot of knitting and sewing indoors, skills l’m very grateful for now 🙂 thanks for posting snowy photos


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